Recruiting Guide

In order to reach the right talent with your job advertisements, it is important to follow certain best practices. In this post, we’ve compiled 7 of the best tips for writing appealing job ads that will attract the right candidates and help you get the best results every time.

1. Choose a precise job title for the job advertisement

The title of your job ad should be precise and clear. This is the only way for interested candidates to know at first glance whether they are suitable for the job and if the job is relevant for them. Keep in mind what job titles potential candidates are usually looking for on Google or job portals.

The degree of employment/workload should also be indicated in the title – for example, as a percentage in brackets. It is also important that the job advertisement does not discriminate against gender or age.

2. Good job ads have a clear structure

To make your job ad easy to read, divide longer statements into several short sentences (no more than 20 words per sentence).

Also, make sure to formulate your statements in a reader-friendly way. Use bullet points, for example, to present the job profile or the tasks in a clearer way.

3. Put the most important things first

Clarity is key. You don’t want candidates to have to read sentences multiple times to understand what you’re saying. Put the most important information at the beginning of the sentence so that the text is easier to understand.

Example: “Your tasks are XY”… instead of “XY … are your tasks”.

4. Use relevant keywords

In order for your job ad to be found by search engines, it is important to enrich it with relevant keywords. Consider in advance which words potential candidates search for most often and place them in your ad. This will lead to better rankings for your job advertisements on Google.

5. Leave out what’s unnecessary

Your job advertisement should contain all important information  without being unnecessarily lengthy. Avoid repetition as well as obvious and irrelevant information and concentrate on the essentials.

Avoid complex sentences, too many subordinate clauses, empty phrases and complicated formulations.

Example: “This task challenges you” instead of “This task is a great challenge for you”.

6. Avoid filler words

Be precise and get to the point by avoiding filler words and modal verbs such as may, can, should.

Example: “You will work on the implementation of extensive projects” instead of “You have the opportunity to work on the implementation of extensive projects”.

7. Don’texaggerate

You can use descriptive adjectives for emphasis in your job ads, but use them sparingly and be specific. Many adjectives – including “energetic”, “team player”, “high performer” and “flexible” – say little and are very easily interchangeable.