Boost hiring ROI with Programmatic Job Ads

With Programmatic Job Ads to fit your budget, JobCloud manages your performance for maximum results in less time.

Programmatic Job Ads find your ideal candidates in the shortest time

Our partnership with best-in-class technology Joveo makes JobCloud even smarter, finding the quickest route to your best candidates. No upfront payments, only pay for the performance delivered. This means faster, more cost-effective hiring.

Why Programmatic?

Complete budget control 

Smart investing for top-performing ads

Flexibility to get the best hiring results

Extensive data analytics

Access to the widest Swiss audience

How does it work?

1. Import your jobs to JobCloud

Submit all your jobs in an XML feed to easily get started. To monitor the performance of your campaign, easily implement the tracking codes in your Application Tracking Software (ATS).

2. Define your budget

All of your job ads can be published, even those on our free distribution network. This results in lower budgets for easy-to-fill vacancies. Invest your recruiting budget to access the right number of qualified applicants for every position.

3. Automatically post your ads on dozens of relevant job portals and search engines

Instead of manually posting on several job portals, let Joveo technology work its magic. Every job ad is instantly distributed to the right platforms, reaching the right passive and active jobseekers where they are.

4. Receive applications and pay for performance

No upfront payments. Just pay for the performance delivered. Adjust your budgets and performance goals at any time.

5. Hire more efficiently each time

As Programmatic Advertising is built with Artificial Intelligence (AI), with every new vacancy it gets better at targeting your best candidates. That means better results with no extra effort from you.

Improve your hiring with JobCloud’s Programmatic Job Ads

  • Severine Hurni
    “With JobCloud we can contact suitable candidates. Thanks to their pay-per-performance product, we now have the opportunity to precisely measure the impact of our ads from clicks to applications and thanks to the data collected, we can use our recruitment budget in a targeted and optimized way. We benefit from the mutual exchange with JobCloud and their know-how as the leading Swiss company in the recruitment market.”
    Severine Hurni
    , Projektleiterin Sourcing at Emmi Schweiz AG

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