Why JobCloud?

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We are No. 1

LEADING JOBPORTALS The two leading jobportals jobs.ch and jobup.ch belong to JobCloud.
NUMEROUS CLIENTS Trust us and use our recruiting solutions.
Over 6.3 Mio. visits total Use our jobportals on average per month
CH-DE CH-FR 6 Mio 4.5 Mio 3 Mio 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

jobs.ch is known by 82% of active and passive jobseekers in the German part

82% Known

jobs.ch is known by 82% of active and passive jobseekers in the Romandie.

82% Known

We reach your applicants

Presence throughout the year

Throughout the year you hear our name on radio, read it on the newspapers (local and regional), see us online and in daily applications, in ads on the Street and in many events as sponsors.

Direct contact to your candidates through fairs

Every year we are present at around 11 job fares and in contact with more than 250‘000 jobseekers through those events.

Contact via Social Networks

We are in contact every month with over 4.6 Mio. persons thanks to our Social Media channels.

Always and everywhere reachable

Around half of candidates seek their jobs via Mobile! We always develop mobile solutions to meet the need of jobseekers.

Our solutions

20 years of experience

We’ve experienced over 20 years in the Swiss online jobmarket.

Workshops for clients

We offer workshops for our clients around recruiting-specific topics.

International network

As a founder of the international alliance „The Network“ we maintain the partnership to more than 50 job markets in the world. This makes your international recruiting easy.

New technologies

We conduct around 30 Updates per year on our jobportals.