Job ad publication in French speaking Switzerland

Application Tracking System (ATS)

Thanks to the free application tracking system, save time and increase efficiency when managing the applications that you receive.

  1. Clear display of candidates’ data
    This display allows you to access useful information at a glance in order to best organize the applications.
  2. Optimal sorting
    Thanks to the filters and sorting criteria, select and classify applications simply and intuitively. Mark files with the statuses of your choice in line with your processes.
  3. Reply management
    Configure precise and personalized replies to candidates in a few clicks thanks to the reply manager and the dynamic fields.
  4. Collaboration and evaluation
    All information relative to the application appears on a single page, allowing you to evaluate, annotate and manage the follow-up simply. Other people that have access to the account can also see the status of the applications.

Company portrait

The choice of employer is a key factor in a job search. Around 80% of candidates in French-speaking Switzerland search for information about the company on the Internet before applying.

Your job ads appear on your company portrait on jobup.ch, which you can create simply and with your own visual identity. Your ads are listed there in chronological order, regardless of the type of product you have.

Thanks to your completed company portrait:

  • You stand out by presenting your company philosophy, your work conditions and the advantages you offer, thus publicizing your employer brand.
  • You obtain better visibility on Google (SEO).
  • Greater visibility on Google will increase the number of clicks on your job ads and will increase the traffic to your company website or your social media channels.


Thanks to the JobMailer, your job vacancies are sent directly by email to interested persons, and this several times during the period of publication of your ads.

This way, you obtain significantly more visits to your job ads (after an email or a job alert has been sent, visits increase by around 15%*) and you get more appropriate candidates for your vacancies.

* Google Analytics, sessions, 2017

Logo on search results page

Promote your image and your employer brand thanks to your logo on the search results page. This way, candidates directly associate the vacancy with the company.

In addition to being visible in the search results, the Premium job ads are also listed in the JobMailer with their logo in order to benefit from maximum visibility.

Power Update

The Power Update is a function which is part of the Premium package to make a job ad more visible. This option pushes the ad to the top of the search result on jobup.ch and resends the ad to the JobMailer 10 and 20 days after publication.

You are thus sure to be able to reach a maximum number of candidates over a period of 30 days, guaranteeing you a qualitative and quantitative return of targeted applications.